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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ignacio and Andrellita M. Torres


This is my first foray into the Graveyard Rabbit blogosphere. I am a veteran genealogical blogger, and I figured that at some point I should create my own GR site. I've taken a number of photos of my ancestor's graves over the years, and I felt that I should dedicate a site to their memories a la tombstones.

A few of years ago, I took a number of photos at the San Miguel Catholic Cemetery in Socorro, New Mexico. These includes pictures of my great-grandparent's tombstones.

As with many men in my family, Ignacio Torres died many years before his widow Andrellita passed on. He died on 18 March 1950, while his wife died 24 years later on 9 July 1974.

Their tombstones are next to each other. The photo below shows Andrellita's stone near the center of the frame - it is the clear one with the carving of Jesus on it. Ignacio's is on the lower right hand corner of the photo. As you can see, the tombstone lies on top of a cement slab.

I didn't know where my great-grandparents were buried until a few years ago. I was walking away from my mother's family plot, when I looked down to discover that only a few yards away was the resting place of my father's maternal grandparents. Some of my dad's family did not even know they were buried there until I pointed it out to them.

Below is a close-up of my great-grandmother's tombstone. It has a carving of Jesus' Sacred Heart, and reads

"In Loving Memory Andrellita M. Torres Nov 30, 1883 - July 9, 1974".

I would have been nearly six years old when she died, although I do not remember her at all. My family says that she lived her last years in my grandparent's home, and was taken care of by her son-in-law, my grandfather Robert B. Baca until his death in November 1972. Her daughter was my grandmother Maria Teresa (Torres) Baca. Grandmother Teri lived until Feburary 1983.

Andrellita, or Andrea (Montoya) Torres, was the daughter of Jose Casmiro Montoya and Manuela Abeyta.

Below is Ignacio Torres' tombstone. It is hard to read due to many years of weathering.

I tried to clear up the picture by showing it as a negative. It is still almost impossible to read. What I believe it says is

"Ignacio Torres - Born October 25, 1875 - Died March 18, 1950".

I'll have to go back to look at the tombstone to be sure. Ignacio was the son of Crespin Torres and Maria Andrea Trujillo.

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